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       One of the most significant orders of the company was the construction of the first serial underwater passenger excursion submarine «Sadko». The boat was designed under the project and ordered by CDB ME «Rubin» (Chief Designer — Y. N. Kormilitsin).      The boat was made at JSC «Petrozavodsk». This facility, cut off from the waterway, was selected in order to minimize the costs. The problem of submarine descent on the water was solved by renting at Vyborg Shipyard a Unique French trailer of «CHEVROLET» company and the floating crane «Bogatyr-6» with the capacity of 300 tons. 
        The construction of «Sadko» lasted about two years and it was interesting because the specialists of the company had to solve a huge range of issues associated with design and technological maintenance, plaza break, materials and standard equipment ordering in different cities and countries, coordination of contracting works and execution of the own work for the production of housing, mounting systems, machinery, equipment and outfitting. These works were performed by the specialists of CJSC «BARS», experienced in construction and commissioning of dozens of military submarines, and under the designer’s supervision of CDB ME «Rubin». «Sadko» submarine, being designed by the central design bureau «Rubin», embodied reliability of military submarines and modern comfort.
       All systems, operating in the submarine during the work mode, are under computer control enabled from the remote control through automatic control block.  The electric propulsion and absence of hydraulics make the device environmentally friendly. The presence of the sustainer propulsion, consisting of the four submersible electric motors and four independent thrusters make the submarine easy to navigate and perform. The positive buoyancy in all positions and a set of design and organizational measures provide a complete safety of passengers and crew.
       The spacious interior, comfortable chairs with armrests, windows with a diameter of 640 mm with backlight, conditioning system and the availability of toilets create comfortable atmosphere inside the submarine, intended for 42 passengers. «Sadko» is  capable to sink to the depth of60 meters  and move at a rate of three knots. The submarine has length of 30 m, width 4.5 m, net weight of 170 tons.
       «Sadko» was launched for mooring and navigation tests from the board of floating crane «Bogatyr-6» in the village of Manola, Primorsky district, Leningrad region on the 25th of June, 1997. From June 1998 to August 2000 submersible vehicle was operated on the commercial basis on the island of Santa Lucia in the Caribbean ocean, and the following 10 years in Cyprus. At the present time «Sadko» is in Larnaca, Cyprus.  
       All these years CJSC «BARS» was engaged in technical service of the vehicle. Currently CJSC «BARS» is designing underwater passenger vehicles type «Sadko» independently and has an opportunity to build several units at the same time in its facilities.