Machinery for navy, nuclear and space industries, submersible vehicles

Production equipment

СJSC “BARS” is a production company, founded in 1992. It produces marine and special engineering items, components for the construction of ships, submarines, strategic destination rocket forces, nuclear and space industry.

CJSC "BARS" has its own production facility with a total area of more than 8000 square meters, including:

  • large-sized equipment assembly workshop equipped with a crane with the carrying capacity of 20 tons, imported welding equipment for semi-automatic and automatic welding;
  • fitting, machining and assembly operations workshop, equipped with all necessary machinery;
  • special welding facility for welding of steels and alloys, including titanium alloys;
  • test facility of CJSC “BARS” is equipped with outfits allowing to test equipment and items in accordance with all necessary output parameters.

At the present time the industrial and warehouse facilities, gas boiler plant and the painting area are being constructed.

The personnel of CJSC “BARS” counts with 300 people, highly skilled workers, engineering and technical personnel.

All employees annually confirm their qualifications passing the certification exams in the specialized organizations.