Machinery for navy, nuclear and space industries, submersible vehicles


CJSC “BARS” was founded on 27 February, 1992.

During the first decade of the work of the CJSC “BARS”, the specialists of the company participated in the construction, repair and modernization of more than 400 vessels, boatsand submarines. The company currently specializes in the production of the engineering items for the Navy, Strategic Missile Forces, nuclearand space industries, and in the construction of underwater vehicles.


The first work sites: the “Baltiyskiy Zavod” (“The Baltic Shipyard”) (Tallinn) and the “Viborgskiy Zavod” (“The Vyborg Shipyard”).


Start of cooperation with the “Kronstadtskiy morskoy zavod” (“Kronstadt plant for marine items equipment”) and the “Volgotanker” company (Samara).


CJSC “BARS” starts the construction of the firstRussian serial underwater passengersubmarine “Sadko” (40-passenger boat) at the site of JSC “Petrozavod” (St. Petersburg)


Successful start and development of the partnership with St. Petersburg shipyards: JSC “Baltiyskiy Zavod”, “Kanonersky shipyards”, JSC“Sudostroitelnaya firma Almaz” (“Almaz Shipbuilding Company”), “Nevskiy sudoremontniy-sudostroitelniy zavod” (“Nevsky Shipyard”).


“Sadko” passenger submarine construction was completed. The test tour was held successfully.


CJSC “BARS” becomes a member of the Association of Russian shipyards.

Beginning of cooperation with JSC “Novorossiyskiy sudoremontniy zavod” (“Novorossiysk Shipyard”).


CJSC “BARS” starts long-term cooperation with Murmansk ship repairing and ship building companies: GU RTP “Atomflot” (State Institution RTP “Atomflot”), FSUE “Arcticmorneftegazrazvedka”, GU SRZ VMF “Sevmorput” (State Institution Shipyard “Sevmorput” of the Russian Navy), JSC “MurmanskShipyard of the Marine Ministry” and with one of the largest Russian shipping companies -“Murmansk Trawl Fleet”.


The company concluded long-term contracts with JSC “Northern Shipyard” for the construction of the torpedo-boat destroyers project 965 and with FSUE “Admiralty Shipyards” for the construction of submarines project 636.


The company acquired a production facility and started to produce engineering items including those that serve the interests of The Ministry of Defense.


The beginning of a fruitful cooperation with the FSUE “Morteplotechniki Research Institute” (Lomonosov).


The company starts serial production of oily water treatment plants for the Russian Navy vessels and submarines under the projects of FSUE CDB ME “Rubin”.


CJSC “BARS” was licensed by “GosAtomNadzor” and launched the production of engineering items for nuclear power plants and testing sites.

Beginning of cooperation with the FSUE “SEVMASH” and FSUE “MP Zvezdochka”.


The beginning of future challenging cooperation with JSC "KBSM" (Special Design Bureau of Machine Building) and the production of items under their projects.


CJSC “BARS” delivered serial items for missile systems S-300 and “Pechora” on request of the Obuckhov factory.

Start of cooperation with the FSUE “Central Scientific Research Institute Elektropribor” on the development of emergency rescue buoys of the new generation.


Manufacturing and supply of equipment for Roskosmos (the Russian Space Agency) under the order of FSUE “Design Bureau Motor”.


By the order of the Strategic Missile Forces Deputy Commander-In-Chief CJSC “BARS” was assigned as a supplier of the equipment for further modernization of the ICBM silos.

By the request of the developer of JSC “KBSM” (Design Bureau of special machine building) CJSC “BARS” started to produce units and equipment for missile troops.

Start of the construction of the workshop for manufacturing of large-sized subjects. The production area of the company increased twice.


By the decision of the Navy Forces Deputy Commander-In-Chief CJSC “BARS” was assigned as a serial supplier of items for Corvettes series 20380.

Commissioning of new workshop for large-sized equipment manufacturing.

Manufacturing and supply of R&D items for the leading frigate project 22350.


The Design Bureau of CJSC “BARS” was founded. The same year it gained a license giving the right to develop the military items.

Start of the construction of the industrial site and warehouse with its own gas boiler plant and painting area.

Supply of non-standard equipment on processing and storage of the containers of spent nuclear fuel for Smolensk NPP, FSUE “Mining andChemical Plant”, FSUE “Atomflot”, Leningrad NPP.