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Designing ROVs


«BARS 6», a surface-underwater boat (SUB), with planning contours is designed for high-speed movement of divers (up to 6 people) being surfaced and submerged.

Main technical parameters:
Length: 6,5 metres
Width: 2,7 metres
SUB immersion depth: up to 25 metres
Maximum speed on the surface: up to 30 knots
Maximum underwater speed: up to 3 knots
Weight in running order incl divers: 3300 lbs.

SUB has a class of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Доставка НПК и средств обеспечения к месту погружения может осуществляться в стандартных морских контейнерах.

Delivery of SUB and means of its delivery to the place of immersion can be executed in standard shipping containers. SUB construction permits parking on the ground, anchoring on the soil in a submerged position, hanging in the water.

he boat is equipped with permanent respiratory system that is used by divers while they are on the board of SUB under the water, which allows to extend the time of diving under the water. When leaving the boat for autonomous movement, they switch to the breath through their own aqualung, when returning to the board of SUB they can again switch to the stationary respiratory system.